The Story Behind The Fife Boiler Company

The Fife Boiler Company was founded in Kirkcaldy Fife by a gas safe engineer who had worked for a local central heating company. After years of loyal service replacing and carrying out boiler repairs in Fife on  worcester and baxi gas combi boilers he decided the time was right to start his own boiler and heating business and from his base in Kirkcaldy Fife thats just what he done.

Our History By The Fife Boiler Company

Gas Boiler Installers

Within three years the Fife Boiler Company had built up a credible relationship with private residential customers and local estate agents for plumbing and central heating boiler services and we received hundreds of five star reviews and also nominations for awards from the likes of the small business nominations scheme.

“To come from such a humble beginning and now lead the industry for boiler replacements in Fife Scotland is nothing short of incredible and that’s why we nominated Fife Boiler Company for the business awards category”       

D Menzies, Scottish Business Nominations Secretary

Boiler Installations Throughout Scotland

Our business grew from strength to strength and we are now installing up to 80 boilers per month throughout Fife Scotland and last year we took on a contract that saw us install over 1800 gas boilers throughout Scotland. Its fair to say that our gas boiler business in Fife wouldnt be where it is today if it was not for our customers and thats one of the reasons we keep our service high and our prices low, this is to thank all of our past and futeure clients.

The Future Of Boiler Replacements In Fife

We are now established as the leading boiler repair and replacement company in Fife and after accepting the nominations we received and awards and accreditation’s we would like to thank our customers across Scotland for their support, our boiler maintenance plans are now available as promised and this will save our past and future clients valuable payments to the likes of British Gas and high end energy companies who charge over the odds for this service.

At the Fife Boiler Company we aim to keep on moving forward and growing our business by approaching every boiler repair in Fife with the same effort and care we have been known for since we were founded.

Whether you need a boiler checkover or a full new boiler replacement in Fife Scotland you know your in the right place when you contact the Fife Boiler Company.

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Boiler Repairs In Fife

woman happy with boiler repair vin fife

Alongside our boiler installations we also carry out a high number of boiler repairs in Fife, By utilising our expert gas engineers to each individual boiler repair we know that your boiler is going to be repaired to the best possible working order as soon as we possibly can whilst maintaining a gas safe environment around your home.

Whenever your boiler needs serviced or repaired in Fife make sure to contact the Fife Boiler Company first and foremost and you will be in the safest of hands possible.

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